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World Boxing Champion Builds 1,000 Homes For Poor People


After earning millions for fighting Floyd Mayweather, the boxer and politician used a portion of his earnings to construct homes for 1,000 poor families in his hometown.

Manny Pacquiao is more than a world-class athlete or Filipino politician. He’s a compassionate activist who paid for 1,000 homes to be built to help out underprivileged families in his hometown.

I’m so happy giving this houses free to my constituents in Sarangani Province from my own pocket more than thousand families are the beneficiaries.”

The Star reports that the ‘born-again Christian’ was inspired to help poor families after duking it out with Floyd Mayweather. Though he lost the boxing match, he still earned millions of dollars in the ‘fight of the century’ and felt it was his duty to give back.

He wrote: “As faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms, each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others. I’m still building more because I always believe what the bible says offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

The act of compassion could be nothing more than a calculated political move, but nonetheless, 1,000 families have secure living spaces thanks to the Senator’s generosity. That, we believe, is worth celebrating….

source:  www.whydontyoutrythis.com

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Shelter Decides To Euthanize A Cat Who Was ‘Unadoptable’. An Hour Later…


This is one sad face, and it belongs to BenBen, the cat. He was a shelter cat that would sit quietly in his cage until one couple took him home. And he was transformed within one hour! BenBen was brought to the shelter with a cauliflower ear, crushed spine, and several deep lacerations.

He had had a tough time surviving in the wild. BenBen’s human dad said it looked like he had been attacked by a larger animal.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

The sad look on his face is because of extra skin. BenBen was then viewed as unadoptable, and his future looked grim.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

The vets said he would never be able to walk and would have to take pain medications for the rest of his life.

sad cat


BenBen was scheduled to be put down.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

But then a woman who works for an ER vet hospital heard about BenBen and knew she had to save him.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

The woman and her boyfriend sorted everything out and got him out of the shelter just one day before his scheduled euthanasia.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

They were told that BenBen wasn’t eating or moving – it was as if he had decided he was going to die and had given up.

sad cat


But as soon as they took BenBen out of the shelter, everything changed.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

BenBen was at home for an hour and was full of purrs, ‘thank you’ cuddles, and smiles.

sad cat
Image Credit: Instagram / benbencatcat

Now BenBen is a new cat, he is very curious and is willing to share with his humans at meal time! Not only can BenBen walk – he can run and jump!

source: www.heroviral.com

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Brave Hero Jumped On a Grenade To Save His Fellow Marines, Are You Proud Of This Young Man?


The brave men and women of our armed forces made a commitment to defend their country and if needed to sacrifice their lives. William Kyle Carpenter took his oath as a United States Marine very seriously. He jumped on a live grenade to save the lives of his comrades. Miraculously, Kyle survived the blast and told his amazing story of courage.

Carpenter earned the rank of Lance Corporal when he was 21. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

brave marine grenade

During a firefight, a grenade landed near a fellow soldier, and without hesitation, Carpenter threw his body on top of the grenade.

brave marine grenade

Using his body as a shield, he saved the lives of his fellow soldiers.

brave marine grenade

Carpenter survived, but his body was seriously damaged.

brave marine grenade

The bones in his face and skull were shattered, and shrapnel was embedded all over his body.

brave marine grenade

Carpenter lost part of his jaw, and one of his lungs collapsed. When he arrived at Camp Bastion, he was labeled P.E.A (patient expired on arrival).

brave marine grenade

He was killed by an enemy grenade – but came back. Carpenter underwent forty surgeries over the next two years to repair the damage. He was given a Purple Heart in Recognition of his incredible bravery.

brave marine grenade

President Barack Obama presented Carpenter with the Medal of Honor.

brave marine grenade

Kyle has now retired from the military and began went to the University of South Carolina to earn his degree in International Studies.

brave marine grenade

He now helps others with charitable acts and motivational speaking.

brave marine grenade

Thank you for your service Kyle. The Few. The Proud. The Marines. Share away, people!

source:  www.heroviral.com

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Old Music Outsells New Releases For The First Time In Music History


For the first time in history, “old” music is selling far better than newly released music, according to data compiled by data company Nielsen. “Catalogue album sales” refers to any music that was released 18 months ago or more. This category of music has outsold new releases of a variety of genres by 4.3 million, according to data that was compiled by Nielsen. The data company that operates SoundScan music sales statistics which enables Billboard charts to be compiled, announced the new findings which were an outcome of their 2015 year-end report. Just 10 years prior to this, newly released music tracks dominated catalog music sales by over 150 million albums, according to the research.

However, a report by VICE concluded that there could be more to the statistics than merely the popularity of new music. VICE said, “This data pertains solely to albums—either physical or digital—and does not include streaming. So, whether the Nielsen report shows a real declining sales trend for new artists, or merely that we’ve shifted away from albums entirely (the argument that young people are more inclined to stream rather than purchase music seems plausible), is shocking, though perhaps not entirely unexpected.” In recent years, streaming music from illegal websites and digital music downloads from torrents has become a lot more common, which could be an indicator to the reasons behind fewer sales of new music.

In addition to this, another reason behind the decrease in sales of current music could be the change in music style, as some have suggested. Studies have shown that music with repetitive choruses tend to be

Credit: Britannica

more popular, which could indicate a contributing factor of the dumbing down of musical content in recent years by the industry. The author of one of the studies, Professor Andrea Ordanini from Bocconi University, said, “Despite the many factors that go into creating a hit song, we identify repetition of the chorus as one that has important real-world implications”.

Researchers of the musical studies analyzed a mix of number one and unsuccessful songs all the way back to the 1950s. The chorus of the songs was repeated between one and 16 times in all of the songs. Their results concluded that for each additional repeat of the chorus, the song’s likelihood of making it to the number one spot increased by 14.5%. Despite this, the study reported by the Telegraph also found that this likelihood decreased by 6.1% with each additional year in the age of the performer.

Legendary hip-hop artist Darryl McDaniels, famously known as DMC of the pioneering group Run-DMC, commented on the new research from a music artist’s perspective. He made a comparison between expressive forms of hip-hop versus the multi-dollar making industry of commercialized hip-hop. He said,

“It was inevitable that Hip Hop became commercialized but along the way, our power got taken away. Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again. We wanted to change the world, taking responsibility for our actions, now everything that’s negative in stupid ass America is celebrated.”

Whilst many believe that the music market is driven by favorable likes of the consumer, reports have stated that this is not the case. Music goes through a lengthy process before it gets to the mainstream market which involves people in power deciding what is acceptable, and therefore what they can use to condition the masses through an unsuspecting source that the public receives as music.


source:  www.trueactivist.com

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People With A Dark Sense Of Humor Have THIS Type Of Intelligence!



Chances are, you know someone who has a dark sense of humor. Maybe it’s one of your friends or even a family member. Have you ever been sitting around the Thanksgiving table having a nice conversation, when suddenly Uncle Bob interrupts with a dark joke or a morbid comment? He’s cracking up while whole family turns and looks at him, your aunt shakes her head while your grandparents look offended.

Or, maybe it’s you! Maybe you’re the one who gets confused looks and solemn stares after making a joke that you personally thought was hilarious. Your friends and family might think your dark sense of humor is odd, but it turns out that there’s a strong correlation between intelligence and dark humor.

The Study

The Medical University of Vienna conducted a study made up of 156 people. The participants included both men and women, with an average age of 33 and a wide range of educational backgrounds. First, each person was given a generalized IQ test involving verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. They were asked to look at and react to 12 cartoons by a German cartoonist named Uli Stein. All of the cartoons were rather bleak.

One of the cartoons, for example, featured a couple speaking to a medical professional. The woman was pregnant. The doctor tells the couple, “To begin with, here is the good news: your child will always find a parking space.”

(For those of you who don’t find dark humor particularly funny, I’ll give you a minute to figure that one out.)

Some might find this joke funny while others find it offensive. If you did let a quick laugh slip, you’re probably someone who enjoys dark humor, on some level. Dark humor is often associated with people who are dull, negative or melancholic. But this study proves that stereotype isn’t always true.

The Results

The participants in the study that understood and appreciated the jokes were found to have the highest IQ’s of the group. But that’s not all. They also scored lower when tested for general aggression and negative moods. Plus, they were better educated than other participants.

Those who hated the jokes were found to have average IQ scores, high levels of aggression and the most potent negative moods. Participants who moderately understood and appreciated the humor of the comics had average IQ scores, but they were only averagely aggressive and showed an outlook on life that was mainly positive.

Researchers concluded that dark humor is a complex form of humor. Subjects such as death and disability are offensive to many people, but those who are able to quickly see through the morbidity and laugh at the cleverness of the joke are operating at a higher level of cognitive processing.

So, if you’re a fan of dark humor, there’s no need to get embarrassed when you get a few strange looks. Find the person in the room who’s laughing and start a conversation. Who knows, they might be able to make you laugh!


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8 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Avoid


Those with high emotional intelligence are able to perceive, control and evaluate their emotions, along with the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence can play a large role in a person’s success and social relationships. Whether emotional intelligence is an innate gift or it can be taught is often debated. It involves being in touch with your emotions and maintain control over them at all times.

Here are eight things that emotionally intelligent people avoid:

1. They Don’t Dismiss Other People’s Feelings

Highly emotionally intelligent people show empathy toward others. They try to understand how the people around them are feeling. They never disregard someone else’s emotions as unimportant. Instead, they show compassion.

2. They Don’t Play The Victim

Emotionally intelligent people know that they have the power to control how they feel. They don’t blame others when they have a bad day, and they don’t play the victim card. Instead, they redirect their negative emotions into a more productive thought, and they take full responsibility for how they feel.

3. They Don’t Become Complacent

An emotionally intelligent person stays in touch with their feelings, but they also know when to shift their attention outward and focus on the world around them. They are aware that constantly living inside your head can create problems. They remain in touch with their emotions but they don’t allow them to take over.

4. They Don’t Let Others Control Their Emotions

People with emotional intelligence are sensitive, but they maintain control of their feelings. They don’t let others ruin their day or bring them down. They love to keep a positive attitude and they are able to bounce back quickly from rejection and other forms of negativity.

5. They Don’t Engage In Unnecessary Conflict

Knowing when to choose your battles can be extremely valuable when it comes to your emotional health. If needed, an emotionally intelligent person will confront someone, but they avoid conflict whenever possible in order to save their energy for more positive interactions.

6. They Don’t Gossip

An emotionally intelligent person knows how harmful gossip can be. They tend to seek out more positive and uplifting conversations with others. They crave deep connections with people and they avoid those who constantly want to gossip or be petty.

7. They Aren’t Afraid To Say No

Too many people are embarrassed to say no. They end up getting overwhelmed with too many commitments and become unhappy. An emotionally intelligent person knows their limits. They honor themselves by setting boundaries andhaving the courage to say no when necessary.

8. They Don’t Seek Approval From Others

Emotionally intelligent people know that they don’t need the approval of others to make a decision. They trust themselves enough to be their own validation. If they want something, they go after it. They are respectful when hearing other people’s opinions, but in the end they know that as long as they work hard, they can achieve anything, and they don’t need anyone else’s approval to do it.

Sources: www.davidwolfe.com

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2-Year-Old Girl’s Hand Turns Black After Being Bitten By THIS At Daycare


Two-year-old Kiley Cook was running around the playground at her day care center in Grandbury, Texas when the unthinkable happened. She was bitten by a copperhead snake and rushed to the hospital. Her hand turned black as her fingers, hand and arm became swollen.

Day care officials told reporters that they always scan the playground for snakes before letting the children play. The day care have never experienced an incident like this one in the 18 years that they’ve been open. After Kiley was bitten, day care workers assured reporters that they will take extra steps to keep children safe. They plan to install a mesh fence to keep snakes off of the property.

The two-year-old recovered from the snake bite, but the incident brings awareness about the possibility of a snake bite and the importance of taking precautions.

Snake Bites In The United States

According to the University of Florida Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, around 7,000-8,000 people are bitten by a venomous snake in the United States each year. Although rare, you may become an unsuspecting victim on a camping trip or a hike through the woods. If you or someone you are with is bitten by a snake, there are several ways you can reduce your chances of developing serious side effects from the venom:

  1. Stay still and stay calm. Panicking will cause your heart rate to increase, allowing the venom to move through your blood more quickly.
  2. Remove any rings or other items near the bite that could cause a problem if the area swells.
  3. Cover the wound with a loose bandage.
  4. Do not drink caffeine or alcohol if you’ve been bitten. This can cause your metabolism to speed up and you will absorb the venom more quickly.
  5. Get help as soon as possible. The only cure for a venomous snakebite is anti-venom.

How To Keep Your Backyard Snake-Free

Actively making an effort to keep snakes off of your property can help keep you and your children safe from deadly snake bites.  Here’s how:

  1. Learn more about the snakes in your area – Do some research and figure out what types of snakes you’re most likely willing to come across. Know what they look like and learn about their habits, like where they prefer to hide.
  2. Keep your yard free of clutter – Clutter provides a warm, dark place for snakes to hide. To keep snakes out of your yard, get rid of piles of leaves, stacks of firewood and piles of cut grass.
  3. Get rid of any pest problems – If you have a problem with mice or large insects, your odds of having a snake problem will increase. Try setting traps or using a repellent.
  4. Patch holes – If you’ve seen snakes in your yard, locate and repair any holes in your foundation, garage or screen doors to help keep them out of your house. Even holes as small as a quarter are large enough for some snakes to squeeze through.

Sources:   www.davidwolfe.com

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THIS Man Will Become World’s First Trillionaire By 2042, Report Says


As if being one of the richest men on the planet wasn’t already enough, Bill Gates may claim the unprecedented titled of “world’s first trillionaire.”

Last month, a report by Oxfam revealed that the world’s 8 richest men were worth more than the bottom half of the human population.

Another revelation, however, was that given these men’s exponential rate of wealth growth, Bill might become the first trillionaire by 2042—only 25 years from now at the age of 86.

Oxfam is a charity organization which focuses on ending global poverty and, naturally, that brings the wealthy elite under their crosshairs.

By applying the average growth rate of wealth experienced by the ultra-rich since 2009 (11 percent per year), Oxfam was able to estimate how long it would take for the world’s richest man to become the world’s first trillionaire.

According to Oxfam, “In such an environment, if you are already rich, you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer.”

Despite Bill’s insurmountable hoards of wealth, Oxfam describes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—which donates many millions to charity— as “commendable.”

Sources:  www.davidwolfe.com

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Parents Are Furious After A Daycare Posted THIS Note For Parents To Read


A Houston, Texas daycare is receiving equal parts praise and backlash after posting a controversial sign for parents to read as they arrive to pick up their kids

When mother Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz entered the daycare one afternoon, she was surprised to see this sign posted at the door:

Despite having been on her phone upon arrival to pick up her children, Juliana did not take offense, and instead found it “funny and relevant.”

However, since posting the image to her Facebook and receiving over 1 million shares, plenty of other people have chimed in with different opinions.

One Facebook user commented, “Everybody is complaining about how cell phones are such a nuisance while they’re on their cell phones.”

Others suggested that some parents—such as busy single mothers—could be self-employed and interacting with a client over the phone.


“But no,” expressed one commenter, “I’ll put down the phone, lose clients and the bills won’t get paid!!! You can look at the kids work when you get home!!! Jeez some people are a special kind of stupid.”

As far as Juliana is concerned, though, she told KARE11 “I think that it needed to be said, that it’s a good reminder to all of us. The daycare is awesome, they are very loving and obviously have the best interest of the children in mind.”

Alexia Nicki, who shared her thoughts on Facebook, found the message to be rude, saying:

There is a better way to address this than to make EVERYONE feel like they can never use their phone when it’s probably the repeat offenders that need to be addressed.

Someone could have family in the hospital, waiting for news…you never know. People are quick to be passive aggressive and slow to directly address the real problem.

Whatever your stance is, the daycare’s approach has certainly sparked the interest of countless people, as the highly-shared photo has also received over 80,000 reactions on Facebook.

The challenges of modern-day parenting have forced some moms and dads to use child-rearing shortcuts.

As we recently reported, many parents use the same smartphone devices they talk on as distraction devices for their kids.

Kids today average 44.5 hours in front of a screen weekly. But it’s not because they’re lazy—in fact, according to research, it’s largely because parents pacify their kids with distractions like smartphone, iPads, etc.


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7 Essential Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Every Morning!


You’ve heard the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ But are you taking it seriously? Many of us feel rushed in the morning, but skipping breakfast can cause you to miss out on many important health effects provided by a regular morning meal. Whether your goal is weight loss, better concentration at work or a healthier heart, breakfast can help! It can even help strengthen family communication.

After reading about these seven reasons why eating breakfast is so important, you’ll never skip it again!

1. Breakfast Improves Your Intellectual Performance

Eating a well-balanced breakfast gives your brain the kick-start it needs in the morning. Healthy food fuels your body. It increases your concentration level, improves your memory and makes you more productive! Eating breakfast is also associated with enhanced creativity.

2. Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

Eating breakfast gives your metabolism a boost in the morning. This can help trigger the fat-burning process and lead to healthy weight loss. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are much more likely to compensate later in the day with refined carbohydrates and fats, and fewer fruits and vegetables.

3. Breakfast Helps Reduce Anxiety

Hunger can lead to headaches, loss of focus and anxiety. If you’ve had a nutritious breakfast, your tummy and brain will feel satisfied until lunch. You’ll reduce your anxiety levels and you’ll avoid overeating at lunch.

4. Breakfast Improves Your Mood

You could probably use a pick-me-up most mornings, especially if you’re not exactly a morning person. Eating breakfast can do just that. Fueling your body with nutrients in the mornings gives you a healthy mood boost!

5. Breakfast Reduces The Risk Of Diseases

Eating a nutritious breakfast each morning is the first step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making time for some healthy food at the beginning of your day can help protect your heart and reduce the risk of hypoglycemia, hypotension and diabetes.

6. Breakfast Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Family

It’s easy to feel rushed in the morning, especially if you’re packing lunches and trying to get the kids to school on time. But waking up just a few minutes earlier to have breakfast at the table allows your family to spend some quality time together before a busy day. Eating meals as a family can help strengthen communication and family relationships.

7. Breakfast Improves Your Heart Health

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the best things you can do for your health. Not only does it reduce anxiety, improve your mood and increase your intellectual performance, it also improves your blood cholesterol levels to help you maintain a healthy heart.

Sources: www.davidwolfe.com

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