Boy saved his sister with his blood, and then made the doctor cry when he asked a question…


Doctors through years of experience and practice experience many happy, sad, and terrible events, ranging from helping someone right up to the death of a patient. Some are getting used through the years, some do not, but sometimes, as in this example, something surprises them so much and makes them cry.

  • I did a surgery to a little girl today. It was urgent, but in a short time we had to postpone because of needed blood group “negative zero”. We did not have in reserve, but her twin brother had the same blood type and I explained him that he can save his sister, that can save her and that it is about life or death. At that moment it was noting strange to me, until the moment when we took the blood and when he asked: “When will I die?”

At that moment I realized that was not explained to him that we do not need all his blood and that will not die because of it. He thought he was giving his life. Fortunately both will be well.


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