She Has 102 Years, Smokes At Least 20 Cigarettes Per Day and Drinks Wine Every day, And Here Is the Secret to Her Longevity and Good Health


The lifestyle of Maisie Streng is opposite of what any doctor would recommend. Despite that, she recently celebrated her 102th birthday! Moreover, she doesn’t take any medications and has what specialists call, “unhealthy habits”.

For the last 75 years, she says she’s been smoking for more than 20 cigarettes a day. Also, every night before going to bed, she drinks a glass of wine. Probably the least dangerous of these vices is eating bananas.

Her son Sandy says that she eats them frantically!

When she was younger, she used to work as a secretary at “Daily Express”. This is the period when she smoked the most. She stopped smoking cigarettes only twice in her life: once, only for 5 weeks, and the second time when she injured her thigh bone and had to stay in a hospital for some time. But, she immediately went back to them.
Sandy also said, “somehow it’s absurd to think of the many people who smoke for a while and therefore have health problems. My mother is a paradox.”

On the other hand, her husband was a physical education teacher and was always in good shape. He never smoked, but he died at 65. ‘Smoking was an anathema to him,’ Sandy said.

Sandy also says that although she smokes so much, she has no problems with her health and takes no medicine. ‘She looks a lot less than 102. On a good day she can pass for her late 70s, early 80s.’

The question is, does this woman is naturally so healthy and immune to diseases, or is because she consumes so many bananas.

Either way we wish her many more healthy and happy years. What we can recommend is to consume more bananas and try to avoid the smoking part.

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