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This Simple Image Test Reveals A Lot About Your Personality


What a person sees in simple images can actually reveal a lot about their personality. This is the whole premise behind the Rorschach test. Psychologists use a wide range of images to create a personality profile that is, more often than not, extremely correct.

One psychologist had this to say about his results:

“I first came across the Rorschach inkblot test when I was training to be a clinical psychologist. I was shown a series of cards containing inkblots and asked to say what they looked like to me (Tester: “What does this look like?” Me: “A bat.”) I remember thinking that it felt more like a tarot reading than a proper psychometric test.

“However, when the test was scored and interpreted, it produced a scarily accurate profile of my personality. It knew things about me that even my mother didn’t know. I’ve been a fan, if a rather sceptical one, ever since.”

Now, the image below will not be nearly as correct as a professional Rorschach test, but it will reveal something interesting about your personality.

Take a look at the image below quickly. Remember the first thing you see.

hands tree image (WeHeartIt)

If you saw an explosion…

…you may be a creative person with a strong imagination. If you do not currently work in an artistic field, it might be time for a switch. This is especially true if you find your current employment stressful.

Think back to what you enjoyed doing when you were younger. Did you like to sing or dance? Maybe you enjoyed painting? At the very least, you might want to try taking up your old passion as a hobby. You will be happy you did.

If you saw two hands…

…you also have a strong imagination, but logic is at the root of all your actions. You see what is there first, but are able to imagine more. Your sharp mind and rational makes it common for others to turn to you for advice.

You can remove yourself from the most complex of situations and find an answer that works for everyone. You do not easily panic and instill calm in others when an emergency arises. This is an amazing trait that others see and admire. That is why you are often made the leader even if you think others are better for the job.

If you saw a tree…

…you are extremely observant. No one can hide anything from you because you notice all the little details most people miss. You know and see all.

You are also highly aware of the feelings of those around you. Because of this, you know exactly what to ask and when to ask it. You could easily use your skill in the business world to succeed financially. However, for those of you who want to use your powers for good, you may want to look into counseling.

If you saw nothing…

…you need to take a vacation. Not being able to see something in the image above means your brain is tired and unable to perform complex tasks effectively.

Have you been getting angry easily? Do you have a hard time seeing a problem from a different perspective? These are all signs that you are overworked.

Plan a personal day. Call in sick if you have to.

You deserve it!

So, what did you see in the image above? Did you see something that we didn’t mention?

Write your answer in the comments and share this with your friends! You may learn something new about them!

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68-Year-Old Grandfather Realizes 24-Year-Old Bride Is His Granddaughter, Then He Gets Even More Bad News


A 68-year-old Florida man married his 24-year-old granddaughter this year.

The couple, who have requested to remain anonymous, were unaware that they were related when they exchanged vows during the summer of 2016, reports the Florida Sun Post.

Thanks to a winning lottery ticket, the twice-divorced grandfather was able to move from his modest apartment to a waterfront property in Golden Beach, Florida. Figuring that his newly enhanced bank account could help land him a wife, he signed up with a dating service that specializes in finding women for older men, and quickly zeroed in on his bride-to-be.

“I just felt something strange when I saw her photos,” Grandpa recalled. “It was like a sense of deja vu, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar.”

A date was arranged, and a love connection was made. “We just hit it off right from when she walked into the restaurant,” he explained.

The granddaughter was working in Jacksonville as an exotic dancer. “I’m not proud of working there, but I did what I had to do to raise my child as a single mom,” she told reporters. Her financial situation led to signing up with the dating agency, according to the Sun Post.

The realization that they were related happened one day when they were going through a photo album and suddenly realized that his son is her father. “When I saw my father in that photo album, I just felt an overwhelming sense of despair,” said the young bride. Her husband added “I felt so bad for her, because I know how she must have been feeling.”

Despite discovering that they’re closely related, the couple is steadfast in their desire to stay married and make it work. She is philosophical about it, stating that “Every couple is different and special in their own ways. I feel our bond is so strong that even something like this is not enough to make us give up.” As for him, he just doesn’t want to get divorced again. “I’ve already had two failed marriages, and I’m determined not to have a third,” he said.

According to Florida Statute 826.04, anyone who “knowingly marries or has sexual intercourse” with a blood relative is guilty of incest, which is a third-degree felony, notes Inquisitr.com.

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14 Ways To Be A Better Kisser


Kissing is an art, it is a flow of emotions showered upon someone you love. It’s that magical spell which cannot be described by words. A kiss can mean everything if you and your partner have those feelings and it would not mean anything if there are no feelings. The purpose of a kiss to let the person know that you are attracted to him/ her and that you love that person.

But kissing at times can turn out to be that awkward moment, probably the place or timing was just not right. Well don’t let your mind brood over it, because there is always a scope of improvement and there’s always one more time. While there are no perfect set of rules to make a you good kisser, scroll on and follow the tips below to become a better kisser :

Oral Hygiene

You don’t want your partner to shun you away the moment lean over to kiss him or her. But if you are having bad oral hygiene, be prepared for it. So get back to your basics, brush your teeth, use mints or gums for that fresh breath, use chap sticks and lip balms to get rid of chapped lips and keep yourself hydrated to avoid bad breath.

Take It Slow And Easy

Never rush into a kiss, don’t be in haste. Creating that moment of anticipation in your partner’s mind, the idea is go slow and easy to build an intense and passionate kiss.

Keep Your Closed

While looking into each other’s eyes for few seconds is a good idea however keeping them wide open all along isn’t cool. Catch a glimpse of your partner in between, but keeping the eyes closed makes the kiss more intense and makes your partner comfortable. Open eyes can also make your partner feel that you are distracted by something.

Do Not Wear Lip Gloss

Avoid wearing a lip gloss as this can turn out to be sticky and can mess up that beautiful moment between you and your partner. Besides you don’t want that sticky feeling around when you are with your partner.

Instead invest in a good lip balm, which is non sticky and naturally plump your lips.

Use Your Hands

Don’t let your hand be idle, rather move them around your lover, embracing their face or neck or just run fingers across the biceps.

Do not fish kiss your partner, let him/her breathe and don’t let them struggle for it.

Do not kiss your partner endlessly, and do not keep pecking like a bird, that can be turn off for your partner.

Let your upper and lower lips take turns to keep the variations on. Don’t let your kiss go monotonous

To start off ,kiss on the forehead first and then move to the lips.

Instead of a love bite, flick your tounge on your partner’s neck, that will surely be big turn on.

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8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World That Are Sure To Hypnotize You


Eyes are considered to be the window through which we see the world. Eyes are the first, which grabs attention and makes a face attractive and impressive. Eyes are undoubtedly the best assets of any woman. Women born with attractive eyes are common, but some are born with exceptionally pretty eyes. From hazel to blue, there is no limit to the beauty of these hypnotizing and jaw-dropping gazes. So are you ready to gaze at the most amazing and captivating eyes from all over the world? Scroll down to see hypnotizing jaw-dropping beautiful eyes.

Adorable! Forget About All Those Hollywood Celebs, Look at the Innocence and Beauty

Beautiful Hue Of Blue!

Have You Ever Seen This Too Green Eye Shade?

OMG! So Cute!

This Duo Is Amazingly Adorable and Blessed with Attractive Eyes!

Deep Sea Green Eyes! Her Eyes Are So Beautiful and Attractive!

I love this turquoise shade!

These Pretty Aqua Blue Eyes Are Perfect!

Her Eyes Are Expressive and Shiny!

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This Is Why Students Should not be Friends With Teachers On Facebook


The relationship between a student and teachers is quiet a sensitive relationship. Teachers are there to help us learn, grow and make better person out of us. They are our mentors and they correct us when we go wrong.

On the lighter side many students add their teachers as friends on their facebook account. While there is no harm in this, students should be extra careful about what they are posting on their profile. Some students probably forget that they are friends with their teachers and they end up being caught by their teachers. This can be a pretty hilarious situation.

Take a look at these facebook post and you will know why students should not add teachers as friends :

This student will learn the lesson the hard way.

This is definitely not what Mr. Lowe wanted his students to see, too bad that Mrs. Lowe didn’t know how to get it off facebook.

This student forgot that their teacher is the friends list, lol.

This surely is ridiculous.

And your teacher catches you on the wrong foot.

The students now know that their teacher is bad in mathematics and they know your age too.

This is an epic example of learning algebra.

Sometimes teachers also make grammar mistakes.

That’s once bitten, twice shy for the teacher.

Be careful students, your teachers can even announce a capital punishment for you all, that’s not right.

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15 Extreme Bodybuilding Fails


Do you still remember the extreme thrill of watching movie “The Incredible Hulk” featuring Bill Bixby as an ordinary guy and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk? In that movie, the ordinary guy suddenly used to turn into Hulk when he used to get angry. This movie was remade but the modern hulk is a computer-generated with a massive built. Back in those days, the brute force that saw on your TV screen was that of Lou Ferrigno – they were not fake ones. Lou isn’t the only person who lifted so much weight to get those muscles that don’t even seem real or usual anymore. Through this post, we bring for you the list of people whose bodybuilding practice resulted in an extreme failure:

It’s difficult to look at this guy:

Don’t you agree? He is definitely flaunting his muscular body something that looks so inexplicable. I literally couldn’t believe on my eyes as his arms don’t seem normal to me the way they should be actually, right? Why anyone on earth would every want to have such kind of triceps that huge ones? Like least you’re an evaluator and you’re hammering a gavel all day. The hard work he put in will go all in vain as the shape isn’t acceptable to a normal eye.

How about this one?

Well, this guy’s body is to some extent looking normal to some degree. These muscles were built without the intake of steroids or other muscle gaining supplements. Um! Alright, cheers to the guy for hitting the gym every day and doing nothing but lift heavy weights. However, what is the advantage of having a body that doesn’t fit in a normal shirt or t-shirt. Good luck for bulking up those arms dude.

This is just disastrous

I am sorry to comment this way, but that’s the fact, right? When you start to look more like a Claymation statuette than a real person, it might be time to dismiss lifting heavy weights. This guy’s body neither looks real nor striking..

Scary man!

To be honest here – this picture made the hell scared out of me. Would any woman ever like to grab that rear? His back looks more like an ugly bug.


Why people don’t think that anything done in excess can have real adverse effects that we don’t usually realize. Looking at this picture you can make out how badly his body is shaped. Do you consider him to be healthy? What has gone wrong with people out? I am just wondering how he must have been sleeping or doing normal activities of the day.

Huge muscles

I was just kidding guys.. You must be thinking why the hell my saying this? Is something wrong with me or my eyes? That’s the pathetic bicep I have ever seen in my life. I never knew that building up muscle would ever be that hard. It just looks so damn odd.


Seems like this kid has been spending 30 hours in the gym to get this kind of body! Phew!! If he had just got over his workout session like 30 hours ago, he would have definitely had a good physique. Don’t know how much he is overstressing himself. He can’t even keep his arms straight.

Whoa! What’s that man!

Too much steroids! It goes without saying that he must be taking hell lot of steroids and this is what the result is. He got too bulky upper part of his body. I just pondering whether it would be pretty hard for him to breathe properly or not, m not sure. Some people are real crazy.

Another masterpiece

I found this image hilarious. How proudly this man is showing off his ugly body. He has worked out on his biceps and triceps way too much and didn’t focus on other parts of the body.


When you overdo bodybuilding, there comes a time when your body start looking more robotic rather being human. Everything must be done with some balance then only it looks good, right? What’s the purpose to have a body that doesn’t make you look human even?

Ninja Turtle

The moment I saw this picture I was like this guy has definitely got some similarity with a Ninja Turtle, right? Isn’t the prime aim of doing abs workout to help get a FLAT washboard like stomach? Why is this one going out like that? This doesn’t seem alright to me.

Sadistic man

Well, this guy seems to be real sad. Do you contemplate it’s the fact that he can’t sit properly in any chair and he always used to feel sore after sitting for too long in a chair like this? Poor man! Why you need to do extremes that you just blame yourself for whole life thinking what I did to my body?

Masculine woman

I just wanted to know why this? Why a woman ever have to look that manly instead of being curveous?

Silly bimbos

I have never seen such type of silly bimbos ever seen in my life. Is the big guy aiding the little guy to become massive like him? Why does the lean guy think that the massive guy really got the perfect body? Steroids are just ruining not bodies but minds of the people.

Too much of bench presses

What this gentleman has done to his body? Why does he think those melons look so damn good on him? Overlook the fact that his pointers are indicating in entirely different directions – he’s got slothful pointers. Over-obsessed with an ugly body!

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Just Hours After The Fire Hits Dolly Parton’s Property, Something Chilling Was Found


The fire in Gatlinburg has been leaving thousands in devastation after taking their homes.

We have all been extremely heartbroken after hearing about the fire in Tennessee that has been destroying the Smoky Mountains. There have been endless pictures of wildlife searching for shelter and not only that but people too.

The fire has already destroyed more than 150 structures, killed at least three people, and left thousands more homeless. Yesterday we got news that the fire might take down all of Dolly Parton’s theme park Dollywood, and thankfully that wasn’t the case.lv_wildfire_tennessee_161129-nbcnews-ux-1080-600

The fire did however burn down part of Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Cabins. Parton sent out her thoughts and prayers expressing that she was deeply saddened for all of those who have lost their homes and loved ones because of the fire.

Although the park wasn’t completely destroyed by the fire, there was still much cleaning to be done due to all of the debris that had been left behind. It was just the day after the wildfire hit Dollywood that the workers were cleaning up the mess – and they found something that has left us absolutely speechless.

One of the workers, Isaac McCord, found a charred piece of paper while cleaning. It wasn’t just any piece of paper though. It was a page from the Bible and what it read left him in tears.

USA Today made the reports about the paper. Apparently McCord was going around double checking an area that had already been cleaned and he stumbled across a burnt piece of paper in a puddle under a bench.

“As soon as I got down on the ground, I noticed it was a Bible verse, and I was like holy crap,” McCord revealed in a phone interview. “It was in a puddle of water. I said, ‘I want to take care of this the best way I can,’ so I gently scooped it up and carried it out the best I could.”

McCord called over another employee who had been helping him clean the area and the two of them read the verse together before both bursting into tears and crying out to God. The verse was about a fire…and it was so touching.

“O Lord, to thee will I cry: For the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field”

McCord said that they were in disbelief after reading the verse on the paper and the only thing that they knew to do was pray.

“We were like this is unreal, this is unbelievable,” McCord said. “When we had both fully read it, we looked at each other — and I will never forget this moment — we both burst into tears. I was ghost white, and we just prayed. There was nothing else to do.. Still to this moment, almost four hours after the fact, I don’t have words for it.”15181440_10157774589280317_6740751405405507094_n

Woah…this is so crazy!

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WARNING: If You Get A Message Like THIS On Facebook, Delete It ASAP


If you or any of your friends have received this message on social media ignore it and delete it!

With the holiday season in full swing many people have been participation in different “Pay it Forward” type of events. Unfortunately, this has caused many people to participate in phony games without even knowing it and they are losing money because of it.

One in particular that is scamming people left and right is the “Secret Sister Gift Exchange.” People all over have been receiving these messages explaining the “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” and are being encouraged to participate.


Basically what happens is the person gives a gift of $10 and then is supposed to receive 36 gifts in return because of the gift. You can read the full message with the game rules below:

Welcome to our secret sister gift exchange! Here’s how it works:

  • Send one gift value at least $10 to secret sister #1 below.
  • Remove secret sister’s name from #1; then move secret sister #2 to that spot.
  • Add your name to #2 with your info.
  • Then send this info to 6 other ladies with the updated name info
  • Copy the secret sister request that I posted on my wall, to your own wall. If you cannot complete this within 1 week please notify me, as it isn’t fair to the ladies who have participated and are waiting for their own gifts to arrive. You might want to order directly from a web-based service (Amazon, or any other online shop) which saves a trip to the post office. Soon you should receive 36 gifts! What a deal, 36 gifts for giving just one! Be sure to include some information about yourself … some of your favorites. Seldom does anyone drop out because it’s so much fun to send a gift to someone you may or may not know … and of course it’s fun to receive. You should begin receiving gifts in about 2 weeks if you get your letters out to your 6 people right away.

Although some random users did report receiving one gift, no one has actually seen all 36 gifts show up at their doorstep. It was basically a “repackaging of age-old chain letter gifting schemes.” The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, says that gift chains aren’t just “mathematically impossible” but that they are actually illegal.

“There’s at least one problem with chain letters. They’re illegal if they request money or other items of value and promise a substantial return to the participants. Chain letters are a form of gambling, and sending them through the mail (or delivering them in person or by computer, but mailing money to participate) violates Title 18, United States Code, Section 1302, the Postal Lottery Statute. (Chain letters that ask for items of minor value, like picture postcards or recipes, may be mailed, since such items are not things of value within the meaning of the law.)”

There are different variations of the Sister exchange, so make sure that you are alert and delete the messages when you receive them! You don’t want to mess around with this!secret-sister-gift-exchange2

SHARE with everyone you know!

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Hunter Completely Amazed After Deer Walks Up to Him and Demands Head Scratches


Generally when you see a deer, it’s a fleeting moment in time as they race to get away. This was not the case for hunter Jordan Maxon from New Richmond, Wisconsin, who had a very strange encounter with a buck recently.

As he was about to start hunting, Maxon noticed a deer standing about 70 yards away. Instead of running when it saw him, this friendly creature came closer and allowed Maxon to scratch his head, an adorable (and rare) moment, which was of course caught on camera.

“In my 12 years of hunting or the additional decade of experiences of going hunting with my dad and uncles, I have never seen or experienced anything like this,” Maxon wrote on YouTube. Needless to say, after an encounter like this the deer lived to see another day.

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Mark Wahlberg Thinks Celebrities Need to Shut Up About Politics


Mark Wahlberg has been a rapper. He appeared shirtless and grinning on a 40-foot billboard in Times Square. He launched his own burger chain. And he starred in some of the greatest movies ever made, including “Boogie Nights,” “Three Kings,” “The Departed,” and “Lone Survivor.”

Just do not expect him to opine on politics.

“A lot of celebrities did, do, and shouldn’t,” he told Task & Purpose last week, at a swanky luncheon in New York, held on behalf of his upcoming film “Patriots Day.” We were talking about the parade of actors and musicians who lined up to denounce Donald Trump in the months and weeks leading up to Election Day.

“A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

“You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway,” he continued. “They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family. Me, I’m very aware of the real world. I come from the real world and I exist in the real world. And although I can navigate Hollywood and I love the business and the opportunities it’s afforded me, I also understand what it’s like not to have all that.”

“Patriots Day” marks the third in what Wahlberg considers a trilogy of films he’s made with the man he calls his brother, director Peter Berg — the others being “Deepwater Horizon” (2016), and “Lone Survivor” (2013). All three depict actual events, and they demonstrate the extraordinary heroism of everyday guys when they find themselves in life-threatening situations. Then again, the notion of Marcus Luttrell as an “everyday guy” is probably debatable. Wahlberg says the two of them are working on another project together, though he wouldn’t offer up any details just yet. “There will be an announcement I’d say before the end of the year,” he promised.

A gripping inside look at the events surrounding the 2013 terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon, which left three civilians and a campus police officer dead, “Patriots Day” stars Wahlberg as Sgt. Tommy Saunders, a Boston police officer with a bad knee and something to prove. Assigned to keep an eye on the marathon’s finish line, he finds himself at the scene of what was arguably the worst domestic terror attack since 9/11.

While Berg and the other filmmakers went to great lengths to make their depiction as true to life as possible, they did take a little creative license in one key respect: There was no Tommy Saunders. The character is a composite, made up of two Boston police officers, each of whom displayed uncommon fortitude during the bombing and its aftermath: Bobby Merner and Danny Keeler. “They were both scrappy, rambunctious, figure-it-out cops who did it their way,” director Berg told Task & Purpose. “We combined the two.”

The goal, Berg and Wahlberg said, was avoiding any hint of stolen valor — an issue both became attuned to while working on “Lone Survivor,” based on the memoir by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Rather than risk giving undue credit to the wrong person, the filmmakers opted to create a single character who would embody the bravery shown by several extraordinary individuals. “Everyone was saying, ‘I did this,’ ‘I did this,’” Berg recalled, “so we said, ‘Fine, it’s going to be a composite,’ and everyone was okay with that.”

There was no shortage of heroism on display in Boston following the attacks, not only by Merner and Keeler but by hundreds of other law enforcement officers, first responders, and civilians. In one dramatic sequence, terrorist brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev find themselves cornered by the Watertown police on a sleepy suburban street. The ensuing firefight, which is depicted largely as it happened, includes hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a large pressure cooker bomb, and an arsenal of pipe bombs.

“They had more weapons and firepower on that night when they were traveling to New York than they did on the day of the marathon,” Wahlberg said. While the scene looks like something out of a war movie, the filmmakers were careful not to glamorize the killers. Instead, the focus of the film is on the people of Boston, and how they came together in the attack’s aftermath.

“The overall purpose of police and military is protect us. It’s an amazing thing, and every chance I get I want to thank them for their service.”

“One of the reasons I wanted to make this film was to present some kind of explanation for how we process these events,” Berg said. “How do you move forward? How does a community make sense of it? So many people — men, women, black, white, Asian, Hispanic — came together and they loved each other, and at the end of the day I believe that love is stronger than hate.”

“I definitely think the film is going to bring people together,” Wahlberg said. “It will give people an added boost and a reminder of what a great country we do have and how amazing people are. People really dedicated their lives to serving our country and our communities, and we need to honor that. The overall purpose of police and military is protect us. It’s an amazing thing, and every chance I get I want to thank them for their service.

“Look, when I was doing the wrong thing, I certainly didn’t like the police,” he added, seemingly a reference to a number of brutal, sometimes racially-motivated assaults he committed as a teenager. “But I like the relationship that I have with them now. I also know that I’m doing the right thing.”

Even with the best law enforcement available, “Patriots Day” makes the point that attacks like the marathon bombing can never be entirely eliminated. Asked what he thinks of the president-elect’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country, given that the Tsarnaev brothers were both naturalized citizens, Wahlberg decided to talk a little politics after all. “I have a lot of Muslim friends who are really amazing people,” he said. “So anything like that is just completely absurd and unacceptable to me. I’m a devout Catholic. I have a lot of Jewish friends. I’ve got a lot of friends from all over the world. And I think a lot of good people have been mistreated for a long time and we need to fix that.”

Popping a few Cellfood dietary capsules (“It’s enzymes, amino acids…”), he added that we need to do a better job of educating people about the real threats out there. “There’s a big difference between a Muslim and a terrorist. Big, big difference.”

“Patriots Day” opens Dec. 21 in theaters nationwide.

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